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Covid Protocols

All required documents to be submitted electronically upon confirmation of booking.
No paper copies will be provided or accepted.

  1. Each organization that is a client are required to submit a COVID 19 plan to and be approved by the EIRC prior to bookings. Failure to do so will result in delaying start date or time.

  2. Organizations/Groups are required to conduct pre-screening either through organizations electronic outlet or the EIRC screening questionnaire prior to admittance to the facility to . Failure to do so will result in lost time including denied entry. 

  3. Attendance by each organization/group must be submitted via email to at the end of the allotted time frame. Attendance will include anyone entering the facility from their organization/group as well as spectators.

  4. All attendees and staff will be subject to follow the EIRC Code of Conduct policy. Non-compliance will include a non-refundable termination by the EIRC.

  5. All patrons are required to wear a mask that covers their mouth, nose and chin and sanitize their hands upon entry to the EIRC facility.

  6. Maximum occupancy of the facility will be set at 25 individuals on the field and a maximum of 5 spectators in the common area in accordance with Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health and Provincial Public Health Guidelines. These numbers are subject to change without notice, based on direction and regulations from the respective governing bodies.

  7. All individual teams/groups will be required to supply their own equipment, no sharing of equipment or storing equipment at the facility. Soccer nets and lacrosse nets will continue to be supplied.

  8. All players and coaches are required to wear a mask when they enter the facility and the mask must remain on except for when participants are active on the playing field.  Masks must always be in place when interacting with EIRC staff.

  9. All spectators are required to wear a mask or a face covering at all times in the facility. Failure to do so will result in the request that you exit the facility. Spectator space is limited to 5 people with no exceptions. Seating will be provided and must not be altered to meet physical distancing regulations.

  10. Organizations/Groups are not permitted to start early or gain entry prior to their allotted time for disinfecting purposes.

  11. Washrooms will be available for emergency use only.

  12. Organizations/groups will enter through the east facing entrance (Main Street Entrance).

  13. Organizations/groups are required to exit the facility immediately at the end of their designated time slot for disinfecting. No loitering will be permitted.

  14. Organizations/groups will be required to minimize physical contact while on the field. 

  15. Organizations/groups will be given a 5-minute warning prior to their allotted end time.

  16. Physical distancing will remain in effect in all common areas such as walkways, hallways, entrances, sidelines and free space.

  17. Patrons playing team sports that are not part of a league must play with patrons in their household or social circle if they cannot maintain physical distance of at least two meters.

  18. The EIRC retains the right to close the facility at any time in the event of a known or potential positive case of Covid 19 in which the facility will be disinfected and/or closed for 14 days.

  19. The EIRC retains the right to close the facility in the event a respective governing body issues notice and or if redirected to Step 1 or Step 2 of the Provincial Roadmap to Reopen. 

  20. All protocols are subject to change based on direction and regulations from the respective governing bodies.

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